Belt conveyor

All Tekoa Ltd. conveyors are made from stainless steel.
On demand we can use regular s355 steel.
Height 260mm, wall height 130mm.
Pulley diameter 113mm.
Belt width 200-2000mm.
Material: stainless steel

Modular belt conveyors

Highway conveyor

Conveyor belt with concave guarantees tender transport. Height 260mm, wall height 100mm. Pulleys 113mm. Width 400-800mm

Low profile conveyor

Perfect for tight installations.
Height 150mm, wall height 80mm.
Pulleys 50mm.
Width 100-2000mm.
Can be equipped with one or several dividers.
Base material is cut by laser to ensure high precision.
Easy to maintain.
Pvc belt.

Conveyor with folded edges