Lujaa Tekoa means in Finnish “something strong that is made to last.”

Tekoa Oy is a Finnish company in the field of special mechanical engineering, that manufactures high-quality machines and metal products for various customer groups. We design and implement functional solutions from individual devices to complete production facilities. We also manufacture electrical switchboards for individual machines and production lines! Our long-term relationships with our customers indicate their satisfaction with the quality of our products. We give full attention to our customer’s special requirements.


Some history…

Our CEO Heikki Jyrinki’s strong experience in packaging work combined with expertise in the machine and metal industry led to the establishment of the company in 2002. Four years later, the company moved to larger premises as the business kept growing. It was natural for us to specialize in producing machinery and equipment for potatoes as well as those involved in processing. Nowadays our customers can be from any field of industry.

In just over 15 years, Tekoa Oy has become a respected expert among farmers and packaging industry. Our customers value the user-friendly design, the gentleness of the machines when handling the products, as well as the easy and inexpensive maintenance. We make the processing machines and equipment from stainless steel to be long-lasting and durable.


We supply EU-wide.